Welcome to our new premises at LPE Singapore

LPE Singapore, a renowned international school accredited by the French Ministry of Education, is proud to announce the inauguration of its new facilities in January 2024. Located in the vibrant neighbourhood of Holland Village, our school is dedicated to providing an immersive plurilingual education that nurtures each child’s unique talents and abilities. We invite you to discover our new facilities!

LPE Singapore settles in Holland Village

Located near the botanical garden and less than 10 minutes from Orchard Road, Holland Village is a centrally located neighbourhood. From charming cafes to bustling restaurants, the neighbourhood offers a diverse array of experiences for families to enjoy and relax.

With its vibrant community and strategic location, LPE Singapore is perfectly positioned to offer students a rich and immersive learning environment.

Our new premises in the One Holland Village complex

This relocation marks a new chapter for LPE Singapore. Our new premises are located in the recently unveiled One Holland Village complex, which is designed to integrate shops and restaurants around open spaces where the community can gather. This family-friendly atmosphere aligns seamlessly with LPE Singapore’s commitment to fostering close-knit relationships within the school community.

A plurilingual international school in Singapore

Our new school has been designed by Swiss-French architectural firm G8A to enhance the learning experience and encourage exploration among our students. Moreover, the layout, centred around a communal space directly accessing classrooms, is designed to facilitate exchanges and interactions.

School tour

7 classrooms and 1 language room: Bright and minimalist, the classrooms are equipped with whiteboards and projectors, alongside magnetic boards for displays. An additional 4 classrooms are set to open for September 2024, which will enable the school to accommodate all primary level students up to Grade 5.

Outdoor Spaces: Utilising various nearby spaces, including the second-floor lawn, the green space adjacent to the complex, and neighbourhood playgrounds, LPE Singapore offers ample outdoor play areas. Plans for a dedicated kindergarten playground with wooden play sets on the upper floor are well underway, further enhancing the outdoor experience.

Library: Housing nearly 3,500 titles in French, English, and Mandarin, the library serves as a hub for literary exploration and language immersion. It doubles as a stage with a revolving screen and theatre-style curtains to host performances and events.

Motor Skills Area: Located within the communal open space, this versatile area allows teachers to adapt the available volume for various sports activities, fostering physical development.

Multifunctional Room(Temporary): From March to June 2024, students will benefit from a spacious multifunctional room for extracurricular activities.

A plurilingual school unique to Singapore

LPE Singapore offers a holistic programme designed to help children attain fluency in French, Mandarin and English during their crucial stages of development.

Always keen to be at the forefront of innovation in terms of education, LPE Singapore has opened a trilingual class in French, English and Mandarin, for children aged 2 to 4 years old. Enhanced frequency in language and code switching is made possible thanks to a collaborative trio of co-teachers.

From September 2024, all kindergarten levels will be opened to allow the child to keep on learning in all 3 languages throughout cycle 1. Elementary classes will benefit from 4 hours of Mandarin weekly, instead of 2 currently.