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A multilingual school offering international education in Singapore, LPÉ has adopted the French Ministry of Education curriculum. Preschool is the place and time where essential initial learning occurs: exploring helps the child to become independent and acquire new skills and knowledge. When your child starts preschool, they start “Cycle 1”, which lasts 3-4 years. This unique cycle is fundamental to the success of all.

By the end of Cycle 1, preschool pupils will have acquired knowledge in several areas. The four main areas of learning consist in:


Mobilising language in all its forms


Acting, expressing themselves, understanding through physical & artistic activity


Gaining basic numeracy skills


Exploring the world


The main objective of multilingual schools is to provide each child with a successful initial school experience. The design and layout of our Singapore multilingual school and daily schedule are designed to meet the needs, foster young children’s development, and ensure the smooth running of activities. We also consider a settling-in period when necessary. Check out our next open-house event!


Our third-year Odyssey preschool students in Singapore participate in weekly philosophy workshops. These workshops are organised around themes that allow pupils to develop their critical thinking skills and share their opinions. This is an opportunity to answer the questions that are beginning to emerge in their minds in small groups.

Learning Starts at LPE

We prioritise a welcoming and informative experience for prospective students and their families. Our admission process consists of three steps streamlined to meet your busy schedules:

  1. Open House: Parents meet with our teachers to discuss the grading system, classes we offer, Odyssey preschool fees, school policies and other concerns.
  2. Personalised tours: We conduct virtual and on-site campus tours arranged by our admin/enrolment officers based on parents’ requests.
  3. Individual meetings: Separate meetings with the school director or teachers to address specific concerns.
We aim to foster a strong partnership between our school and families, ensuring parents have the information they need to make informed decisions about their child's education.

Why Choose LPE

LPE is committed to providing top-notch education. As an international multilingual French-Mandarin-English school in Singapore, we offer a comprehensive educational experience for children aged 2 to 10 years old through:

  • Adapting the French national curriculum in both French and English by two native teachers
  • Encouraging our teaching team to upskill themselves, both internally and through a partnership with the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE)
  • Promoting interactive and practical activities to help children acquire foreign languages
  • Developing humanistic values and critical thinking
  • Engaging in immersive, project-based activities within a cohesive and caring community
With a welcoming atmosphere, the school embraces families from diverse backgrounds and is open to the host country's language and culture. Join us for a vibrant and inclusive learning journey!

Start your future today!

Admissions for the 2023-2024 school year are now open.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is preschool education considered important for children?

Preschool education is important for children as it promotes socialisation and cognitive development. It prepares them for formal schooling. Preschool sets a strong foundation for lifelong learning and success.

What are the primary objectives of preschool education?

The primary objectives of preschool education are fostering social skills, language development, early literacy, and nurturing a love for learning. It focuses on holistic growth and readiness for primary education.

How does preschool education contribute to a child’s overall development?

Preschool education contributes to a child’s overall development by enhancing their cognitive abilities, social skills, emotional intelligence, creativity, and physical coordination. It lays the groundwork for future academic and personal success.

What skills and knowledge are typically emphasised during preschool education?

Preschool education emphasises language acquisition, basic numeracy, problem-solving, critical thinking, social interaction, and self-help skills. It provides a well-rounded foundation for further learning and development.

At what age does compulsory education start in Singapore?

Compulsory education in Singapore starts at 6, ensuring children receive formal education early, fostering academic progress, and providing equal opportunities for all.

What are the benefits of starting compulsory education at an early age?

Starting compulsory education at an early age benefits children by providing a solid educational foundation, improving academic outcomes, promoting social integration, and facilitating the development of essential skills and knowledge.