At LPE Singapore, the French national curriculum is taught in several languages, for children from the N1 (2 years old) to Year 3 (8 years old). The teaching team receives training throughout the year, internally, as well as through their partnership with the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE). The school welcomes families from all walks of life. It is open to its host country, its language and its culture.

LPE Singapore follows the French national curriculum.


Mobilising language in all its forms


Acting, expressing themselves, understanding through physical & artistic activity


Gaining basic numeracy skills


Exploring the world


A caring school

with a child-centred approach that respects the diversity, pace of learning and uniqueness of each child.

An international school

where each child learns to become autonomous and acquires knowledge and skills by exploring the surrounding environment at their own pace.

At LPE Singapore

we understand that early schooling is crucial to the child's overall understanding of the school system in the long term.


Since the period most conducive to language learning is from birth to 8 years old, LPE Singapore is committed to offering plurilingual teaching of the French national curriculum, with the advantaged of three languages. Language learning is an integral part of a child’s day at school, both in the classroom and as part of activities.

The implementation of a free registration system for our various play corners and workshops allows us to better identify the pupils’ profiles and to encourage them to take the initiative, while also arousing their desire to learn. The “settings” created by our teachers arouse our pupils’ curiosity and promote both their autonomy, and interaction and cooperation with other pupils and teachers.


Set yourself up by adapting your environment to your needs.

Research has clearly shown that a pupil’s success depends not only on their “objective” skills, but also on their confidence in their own ability to learn.


We also believe in the need for continuous co-education provided by the family and the school.

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Admissions for the 2024-2025 school year are now open.