At LPE Singapore, we have chosen to teach the official French curriculum, in French, Mandarin and English. In today’s global social and economic context, we believe that it is essential for our pupils to learn English to prepare them for the future, enabling them to open out to the world at all levels .

Teaching with additional foreign languages enriches every French class we conduct in Singapore, encouraging our pupils to develop a truly open mind and a more desirable array of human behaviours. The younger the child at the time of learning, the better their command of the language.

French remains high in demand ; it is the second most taught foreign language in the world and the number of French speakers has been growing continuously over the past five years.


What sets apart our Singapore French classes is that we have three teachers per class: a French, Mandarin and English-speaking teachers. They are graduates and natives of France, Mandarin and an English-speaking country respectively. They work in tandem to develop a joint learning process in accordance with the French national curriculum. Our pupils alternate between their French-Mandarin-English speaking teachers.

Learning French for Preschoolers

Learning French at a young age can stimulate cognitive development, improve memory retention, and enhance their overall language skills. Additionally, exposure to different languages at a young age can foster a sense of curiosity, cultural appreciation, and openness to diversity. At LPE, we keep the learning experience for toddlers enjoyable, interactive, and age-appropriate, focusing on activities such as songs, games, and simple vocabulary building.

Learning French for Primary School Students

For primary school students, learning French strengthens cognitive abilities, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and multitasking skills. It also enhances memory and concentration, leading to overall academic success. Mastering foreign languages also expands their cultural horizons and nurtures a deeper understanding and appreciation of French-speaking cultures worldwide. This exposure to different perspectives fosters empathy and global awareness.

A Better Way to Learn French

LPE, established in Singapore in 2012, is a bilingual French/English preschool accredited by the French Ministry since 2013. We prioritise the child’s holistic development by placing them at the centre of the learning process. We offer:

  • Child-centred approach: We foster a nurturing environment where children play, build and learn, promoting their self-awareness and overall growth in all our French lessons in Singapore.
  • Innovative pedagogical system: Our approach encourages independence, curiosity and motivation in children, empowering them to become active learners.
  • Co-teaching in French and English: Our bilingual classrooms facilitate efficient code-switching, enabling children to develop strong language skills.

At LPE, we strive to deliver a comprehensive and engaging educational experience that equips children for future success.

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