Why LPE Singapore?



LPE Singapore follows the French national curriculum, guaranteeing a high standard of teaching. Our programme was approved by the French Ministry of Education in 2020, allowing us to join the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad) partner network, a unique educational network developed across the world. Through strict and regular monitoring of our learning methods and teachers, as well as the provision of top-quality professional training, our pupils at LPÉ Singapore can continue their studies more easily in any of the network's schools (more than 543).


LPE Singapore follows the French national curriculum for kindergarten and elementary school, alternating between instruction in French, Mandarin and English on a half-day or full day basis, with lessons taught by native speakers.

Innovative teaching

LPE Singapore offers an innovative educational programme effectively tailored to children, and which places great emphasis on their well-being, in light of the teachings of neuroscience. Children are placed at the heart of the learning process, which is adapted to their individual needs. This encourages self-confidence, a key factor in academic success, through the caring nature of our staff, and by giving them freedom of choice and enough time to learn at their own pace.

A safe environment

All classes are located in One Holland Village. This welcoming, family-friendly setting is a wealth that we cherish.


Our teachers educate pupils about environmental conservation and sustainable development. Education on sustainability is rooted in discussions and fun educational activities, both inside and outside. A green wall has been added to our communal space indoors, a great way to address plants’ life cycle and teach children to take care of them.

…But this also means choosing a school that caters to families from all different backgrounds.

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