The Odyssey network is part of a development process. This year, La Petite Ecole has chosen to extend its teaching provision beyond the final year of international school – Cycle 1 (GS), opening a Year 2 class. This leap forward responds to parents’ requests to keep their child in the same small-scale establishment and to continue pursuing the teaching approach for which La Petite Ecole is renowned.

By offering a consistent education to our pupils across the three cycles of nursery and primary school, our priority is to build the fundamentals for knowledge, research and academic success, while adapting to the pace of learning and needs of each child.

We aim to provide pupils with a solid foundation of academic skills, such as reading, writing, counting/calculating, etc., through the following subjects: French, English, Mandarin, Art, Music, Physical Education, Moral and Civic Education, History, Geography, Science, Technology and Maths. Children learn to live in a community, accept their differences and respect themselves and others.

In September 2022, LPE plans to continue extending its primary school provision by opening a new year group every year, starting with Year 3 and eventually completing the process by opening a Year 4 class.

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Admissions for the 2023-2024 school year are now open.