Focus on Science for the Odyssey Community!

🧑‍🔬 The week starting February 6, 2023, Odyssey’s students worldwide turned into scientists and had a lot of fun making science projects with their teachers. Here in Asia Pacific, the emphasis was put on experiments, scientific approach, observing, questioning, creating,…and sharing!


At La Petite Ecole Ho Chi Minh City, students learnt how to make crystals, discovered facts about 🚀 rockets, the solar system, caves and erosion. The school nurse also visited the classes to talk about health-related matters, such as dental hygiene and lungs, and to highlight how important it is to take care of our body. A conference on animals 🐾, an invention contest, and an exhibition were also part of the fun!


At La Petite Ecole Bangkok, Science Week started with an exciting visit to Bangkok’s Science Museum for MS-GS students. In school, each class was invited to choose a theme and to carry out a series of experiments based on that theme. Themes ranged from the relationship of air and balloons 🎈, mixing paint colours, magnets, plants 🌱, day and night, scales, and water 💧. The students’ work is to be showcased in a mini museum at the school.


At La Petite Ecole Singapore, in addition to a full week focused on science on both school sites for all ages, parents of preschoolers were invited to join and participate in a morning of experiments with their child.


What an amazing week, full of incredible discoveries for our students! 🏆 Encouraging children to be curious, to develop their scientific mind, and to showcase their work with pride is the takeaway of our Science Week in Asia Pacific. Stay tuned for more exciting initiatives by Odyssey!


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