A journey from the Himalayas to Singapore. Born and raised in the capital of a Himalayan country in Nepal, I have embarked on a remarkable journey that has taken me across borders and through diverse professional domains. I spent the early years of life in the picturesque and culturally rich region of the Himalayas. Growing up surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, vibrant traditions, and a deep sense of community, I developed a strong connection to both nature and people. This upbringing instilled the values of resilience, diversity, and a profound appreciation for different cultures.

After completing my MBA, I began my career in the travel and tourism industry. I played a pivotal role in introducing travelers from around the world to the wonders of Nepal. My passion for adventure, coupled with my deep-rooted knowledge of the Himalayan region, made me a valuable asset in creating unforgettable experiences for tourists. Driven by a thirst for new challenges and a desire to expand my horizons, I made a significant career shift into the financial sector. This transition showcased my adaptability and ability to thrive in dynamic environments. I quickly became an integral part of the finance industry, applying my analytical skills and business acumen to make sound financial decisions.

The journey continued as I decided to move to Singapore, a global hub of finance and education. Currently, I am making a meaningful impact by working with a prestigious school LPE Singapore in the Lion City. My role allows me to interact with the children. I am proud to be a part of LPE Singapore.