Mandarin Teacher

Hi, my name is Leong. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Singapore. Growing up in Singapore, I always have a deep appreciation for cultural diversity and  respect for traditions. My path has taken me through various educational and  professional pursuits, ultimately leading me to this fulfilling teaching career. I have a  MA in Teaching Chinese as an International Language from Nanyang Technological  University, and a decade of experience teaching in various international school settings.  My journey in education is a dynamic blend of practice and research, enriched by my  ongoing Ph.D. journey in the field of teaching Chinese. 

One of the most important reasons I love working with young children is the  opportunity to lay the foundation for their lifelong learning journey. Teaching young  children is a calling and a privilege. The joy that comes from nurturing young minds,  watching them grow, and knowing that you play a vital role in their development is  immeasurable. In addition, teaching young children demands adaptability and  creativity. No two days are the same in the classrooms. I thrive on the challenge of  tailoring my teaching methods to meet the unique needs of each child. in the process,  I learn something new from them too. 

My teaching philosophy is centred on fostering a positive and inclusive learning  environment where each student is encouraged to reach their full potential  academically, socially, and emotionally. By recognizing the uniqueness of each child  and nurturing their growth, I aim to inspire a love for learning, empowering their 

leadership potential, and contribute to the development of compassionate, responsible,  and confident individuals who will make positive impacts on society. 

Finally, I believe that balancing the demands of work with personal interests is  essential for a person’s well-being. For that purpose, my hobbies play a pivotal role. I  like jogging, it keeps me physically fit and mentally sharp. I also have a passion for reading, it is an activity that nourishes my intellect and empathy. Finally, I like toying  with technology such as creating websites that combine useful functions and good  content. These hobbies not only rejuvenate me but also enrich my teaching practice  by offering different perspectives and insights. As a primary school teacher, I firmly  believe that a well-rounded and fulfilled educator is better equipped to inspire and  guide the next generation of young learners.