Seraphin English-speaking teacher - TPS/PS


I graduated as an English teacher (Speech & Drama) in 2012. I like to focus on speech and phonetics through drama to make learning English fun. I worked at La Petite Ecole in Singapore for three years as a preschool assistant in 3rd year of nursery school. I also taught Creative Arts and supported the teaching of ESL (English as a second language). By directing many shows with my students, this wonderful environment has allowed me to develop my skills. I also had a short stint at a bilingual French-English nursery school in Hong Kong, where I worked with children in preschool, and the first and second years of nursery school. I became the English teacher at La Petite Crèche in 2018, where I soon took great pleasure in teaching very young children. Last year I was given the opportunity to work at La Petite Ecole again, as a teacher. I am delighted to take on a teacher position in TPS/PS class this year.